Understanding Maximo Licensing

Understanding Maximo licences

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Originally published 2013, this article has been updated for Maximo 7.6

With the introduction of Maximo 7.6 IBM updated the Maximo licence model. The purpose of this post is to provide some introductory information on the highlights of the update.

Firstly it is important to understand the licence metric of Authorised User is used by IBM for core Maximo. An Authorised User is essentially a named person (Joe Bloggs) and not a position or title (e.g. Crew1, Inspector, etc). It is also important to note that even if an individual does not directly interact with the Maximo application user interface, but creates and updates records within an application via the integration framework, this is still considered an Authorised User and must be licenced as if the user was interacting directly with Maximo.

There are four levels of Authorised User licences:

  1. The top tier licence with full access to all modules and applications in Maximo is known simply as the Authorised User.
  2. The second tier is known as Limited Use Authorised User. Note the Authorised User is qualified with Limited Use, which by definition of the licence is a user having access to applications restricted to any three modules except Administration, Integration, Security and System Configuration. The three modules that can be accessed under a limited use licence can now be defined on a per user basis in Maximo 7.6. Previously, all users within the organisation operating with this licence type were limited to the same three modules. Organisations with Maximo 7.5 are entitled to exercise a one-time right to reassign their three selected modules from enterprise-based to user-based. Limited Use Authorised Users also have access granted by an Express Use Authorised User license.
  3. The third tier of licence is known as Express Use Authorised User. This provides users with basic access and is good for field users who manage work orders assigned to them by changing status, updating problem/cause/remedy and for read-only users of Maximo. This user can also run any report and can view any record within Maximo.
  4. The fourth tier is Requestor Authorised User. This user can access the Bulletin Board, Start Centre and Self Service applications such as service requests and requisitions. These applications and functionality is available to all users and does not require a licence entitlement.

There is no built in mechanism in the Maximo product to enforce compliance. For example, if you accidentally added access to an application in a fourth module for a Limited Use Authorised User, Maximo will let you do with without providing a licence compliance warning.

It is also important to note that the licence ratio between the different types of licence is restricted to 1:3:25:unlimited. This is best represented by the following illustration:

Maximo Licence Ratios

Understanding Maximo licences and compliance can be difficult and potentially costly to manage. It is best to get the experts to assist and provide an in-confidence audit to ensure there is no exposure to the risk of non-compliance. Contact us for assistance in assessing your licence requirements.


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