The full promise of mobile. The full potential of Maximo.

When mobile work crews are empowered to interact directly with enterprise asset management systems on mobile devices, organisations can benefit enormously from real-time data capture and automating manual processes. Your teams can be freed from busy, admin work to spend more time in the field delivering a higher standard of maintenance service.

Asset management operations relying on IBM Maximo look to EZMaxMobile for mobile work solutions when they're frustrated with synchronisation failures, slow data transfers, lack of flexibility, conflicting business rules and permissions, or the need to update their app whenever they make a change to Maximo.

Clarita Solutions recommends EZMaxMobile to take Maximo mobile on any Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone device. It interacts with IBM’s Maximo application system in both real-time (connected) as well as offline (disconnected) modes. It provides functionality for generating and managing work order, asset, inventory and purchasing related transactions, enhanced with barcode scanning, photo capture and upload, and GPS tracking capabilities.

  • Empower your team

    With the tools they need to meet and exceed their KPIs.

  • Reduce operating costs

    By eliminating paper-based processes and reducing rework.

  • Improve Data Capture

    Field technicians can record data at the source directly into Maximo.

  • Reduce time to action

    Crews have a single point of access to all asset information and work order details as soon as they are assigned.

  • Improve Asset Availability

    With more timely and precise interventions.

  • Simplify proceses

    Reduce double-handling, rework and inefficient back-to-base processes.

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