Asset Content in Context, RedEye Conference 2022

RedEye Conference 19-20 May 2022

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From Thursday 19th - Friday 20th May, leaders of industry take to the stage to share their vision and thoughts on the future of critical infrastructure at the 2022 RedEye Conference.

Clarita's Asset Management Practice Lead, David Lestani, will be delivering a session about streamlining access to asset information for all users within the context of their assigned work.

"The discipline of managing assets relies on timely access to accurate asset information to effectively inform decisions," David explains. "Where are assets located? what condition are they in? how should they be maintained?

"When asset information ranges from structured data in tables to drawings, documents or multimedia, Clarita adopts an asset information ecosystem approach to integrate content from multiple sources and make it available to each user - from the field technician to the maintenance planner – where and when they need it to complete the task at hand."

In his session, titled “Asset Content in Context”, David will explore how integrating RedEye DMS within the asset information ecosystem can provide access to content artefacts like technical blueprints, maintenance manuals or how-to videos directly within enterprise asset management and GIS applications, eliminating the need to juggle search parameters back and forth between systems to locate the right resource and ensuring that complex content can be accessed at any location, even without the specific applications otherwise needed to view or edit them. Using Clarita’s Adapters for IBM Maximo and Esri ArcGIS Enterprise, David will demonstrate the integration pattern using RedEye’s public API to address four simple use cases that deliver asset content in context.

The conference will also explore topics such as:

  • How technology can deliver value in an increasingly complex geopolitical and cyber risk environment.
  • Current and proposed critical infrastructure legislation.
  • Opportunities for Critical Infrastructure owners and operators.
  • Exciting RedEye product developments.
  • Panel Discussions led by subject matter experts in asset data management.
  • ... and Much More!

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RedEye Conference 2022