Council upgrade to GDA2020

GDA2020 Compliance

Council meets GDA2020 compliance deadline This South East Queensland regional council serves a community of more than 300,000 people in one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. The council is responsible for a $5.5 billion asset base with over 4,000 kilometres of roads and 130 kilometres of coastline. The Council uses the Esri suite, FME and other geospatial tools to …

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Future-proofing GIS

An ArcGIS platform upgrade case study Responsible for operating and maintaining essential civil infrastructure over an area of 5,223 square kilometres, accurate location information is the link between Unitywater’s assets, customers and business processes. Esri’s ArcGIS platform provides location context for the water and waste-water services provider operating in one of the fastest-growing regions of Australia. This Geographic Information System …

Local government

Local Government

Digital Cadastral Database Process Improvement Throughout Queensland, the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) records the property boundaries and related description of all land parcels in the state. It provides the base for searching, planning and analysing land related information and is primarily used by most local governments for these purposes. Clarita Solutions is working with one local government authority where the …

Unitywater mobile field office case study


Mobile Field Office   Responsible for operating and maintaining essential civil infrastructure over an area of 5,223 square kilometres, Unitywater is an organisation that truly appreciates the benefits and challenges of embracing mobile technologies in enterprise asset management operations. In 2016, with a mobility solution that delivered a frustrating end-user experience and required extensive customisation of their asset management system, …

Road maintenance contractor Maximo case study

Road Maintenance Contractor

A case study in streamlining road maintenance operations with mobile Maximo work orders using EZMaxMobile With brand new motorway infrastructure to maintain, this civil engineering firm had to implement IBM Maximo to satisfy their contractual obligations. With project deadlines looming, the implementation was running over budget and failing to meet the team’s requirements. Clarita Solutions was engaged and quickly established a …

AusTube Mills

Austube Mills

Clarita was engaged to undertake the upgrade from Maximo 5.2 to 7.1 and at the same time worked with Austube Mills to develop customised reports as well as integrating with the inventory component of the firm’s financial systems running on SAP.

Noosa Beach, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Regional Council

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council serves a community of 316,000 people on Queensland’s coast approximately 100km north of Brisbane. It is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, with an increasing number of people choosing to call this area home. Created through the amalgamation of the City of Caloundra and the Shires of Maroochy and Noosa in 2008, the …

Sunshine Coast Water

Sunshine Coast Water

Following the amalgamation of three separate councils into one, the newly formed water authority had to consolidate and validate from three vastly different systems, while at the same time streamlining work processes to ensure compliance and accountability. Challenge Sunshine Coast Water was created through the amalgamation of the former Council Water Authorities at Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra. The new organisation covers …