Hosting vs SaaS

Maximo in the cloud makes sense

In Insight by David Lestani

At a glance

  • Software as a Service includes services not typically covered by hosting or self-managed solutions.
  • Adopting 'as a service' models allows your team to focus on their core competencies, rather than worrying about IT
  • Cloud makes sense for more than just the financial benefits

Moving ‘to the cloud’ is a common phrase …. that can mean lots of different things. It could mean as little as hosting your enterprise applications in a data centre, or running and managing your software on a fully managed cloud platform.

IBM Maximo®, related third-party applications and Clarita’s best practice productivity accelerators are embedded within Enterprise Asset Management as a Service (EAMaaS) solution, which is available on a subscription basis as a fully managed cloud platform.

Software as a Service Delivery Model

This Software as a Service delivery model includes software licensing entitlements, installation and set-up to meet specific business requirements with extended end user support options available. This is in contrast to deploying software on premises, where you install software on local IT infrastructure and maintain both the software application and the related IT systems in house.

The benefits of Maximo in the Cloud

There are many benefits to using Saas, but most of them boil down to allowing your team to focus on their core competencies and businesses, as opposed to worrying about IT management. By transitioning to an ‘as a Service’ model, you can leverage market leading technologies in an environment that is always up-to-date without needing to hire expensive and difficult to find technical specialists.

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MicrositeMaximo in the Cloud

EAMaaS is not a template solution that you share with others – it is your Maximo asset management solution, configured the way your business needs it. Visit the microsite to learn more about Enterprise Asset Management as a Service

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