End of Support

Maximo end of support for v7.5 announced

David Lestani EAM, News & Announcements

It’s official …. Maximo 7.5.x, industry solutions and associated add-ons will no longer be supported by IBM from 30 April 2018.

End of Support means the withdrawal of technical support for specific versions and releases of software products, usually because more recent releases have become available. Once a product reaches end of support, IBM will not respond to support requests or provide patches for defects.

I have certainly spent many hours working with Maximo 7.5.x, including the delivery of training programs for Clarita customers. These days, I’m spending more and more time with the latest Maximo 7.6.x version, and I must say that I find the new interface of the latest version, and its subtle new features, much more productive.

IBM have indicated that they will be providing more regular releases of functionality as part of their release cycle. The times of waiting for big version number changes for new features is over. In the climate of innovation and Software as a Service, a regular release cycle and ease of migration is key to IBM, and Maximo’s, success.

Organisations still operating on Maximo 7.5.x should start considering their upgrade or migration options now. Ever since Maximo 7.1.x, migration and upgrades have required much less effort than earlier versions, and Clarita recommends upgrading to Maximo 7.6.x for on-premise deployments. This can also be a good time to think about new initiatives, such as mobility or business integration projects and incorporating them into your upgrade plans.

End of support is also a great time to consider migrating your on premise deployment to a suitable Maximo SaaS offering as an alternative to upgrade. There are various “bridge to Cloud” offerings for which we can assist.

The Clarita team have helped many clients through successful upgrade projects. Contact us to chart your way through Maximo end of support for v7.5.