IBM InterConnect 2016

Looking forward to IBM InterConnect 2016

David Lestani Opinion

This week I will be packing my bags and heading to IBM InterConnect 2016 – IBM’s premier cloud and mobile event in Las Vegas, USA.

For those of us focussed on asset management, the must-see sessions will undoubtedly be those featuring Watson Internet of Things (IoT) and IBM’s advances over the past year in cognitive IoT technologies.

The concept here is to deliver deeper insight by infusing intelligence into systems and processes. Think of it this way….if first-generation IoT technologies gave us nuggets of information that could make a big difference in achieving operational efficiencies, this next generation is about creating vast communities of devices that share information. This allows those nuggets of information to be interpreted in a larger context and managed by people using cognitive systems that are not explicitly programmed, but rather learn from interactions and experiences to reveal data correlations that might otherwise go unnoticed.

At Clarita, we’re always looking at ways to deliver deeper asset management insight, and thereby enable faster decision making and more efficient operations. Leveraging geographic information systems to understand patterns and relationships, visualise asset data and make predictions is just one example. I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about cognitive IoT and how Maximo and IBM technologies can change our current ideas on EAM best practice in areas such as predictive maintenance, strategic facilities planning and inventory optimization.

InterConnect 2016 also promises the opportunity to see and learn from a multitude of Maximo experiences worldwide. Case studies from municipal, industrial and utility users, together with updates from IBM on the recent Maximo 7.6 feature pack release, architecture best practice and integration framework are bound to leave me with a wealth of information that I’m keen to share across Clarita’s network of clients and partners.

I’ll be tweeting regularly from Las Vegas over the course of the five day IBM InterConnect program, kicking off on Sunday 21 February with the exclusive partner content. Keep an eye on our blog for a daily summary of news and highlights from the event. If you haven’t already done so, hook up with us to get the latest:

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But my first challenge awaits…..15+ hours flying time between me and the opening session! Tips for avoiding jet lag anyone??