Analytics and monitoring for Geo Apps and Services

The successful operation of a digital service offering requires a consistently high quality of the underlying services and intuitive usability, geared to the specific needs and expectations of users. con terra service.monitor creates the necessary transparency by continuously monitoring and analysing both quality of services and interactions of users. Its results provide the necessary information for targeted and continuous optimisation of services and applications.

Monitoring – quality assurance for geo services

The monitoring functions of service.monitor enable control of various types of services (OGC, ArcGIS, FME, INSPIRE) at configurable time intervals. If they fall below defined minimum standards for a service, the responsible parties will be notified immediately by e-mail or SMS. In addition to monitoring and alerting, service.monitor offers extensive options for statistical analysis. Response time, indicators on availability or errors/warnings can be viewed directly online, either as report or in a clear MS Excel representation.

  • Permanent monitoring of the availability and quality of geo services
  • Support for Esri, OGC, INSPIRE and other HTTP interfaces
  • Notification function via e-mail, Twitter, SMS or SNMP
  • Statistical analysis, diagrammatic representations, reporting
  • Integrated user management
security.manager allows GIS content to be filtered by layer, feature, attribute field or spatial area according to users' entitlements
Secure access natively within the GIS ier

Analytics – learn from user behavior

service.monitor helps providers of geo services to analyze the use of their applications quickly and comprehensively. Modern web analytics methods lend insight into the actual behavior of users and their interaction with web services, including the frequency of use, favored functions, popular regions, searched content or data terminals used.

  • Comprehensive analysis of user behavior in Geo-IT infrastructures
  • Continuous, automated and privacy-compliant operation
  • Determination of statistical characteristics of devices, browsers, services, functions, search input, zoom levels, regions and many more
  • Clear presentation as interactive widgets
  • Without con terra’s security.manager – ArcGIS Edition, we would still keep geodata in the closet and inaccessible. security.manager opens up new possibilities to offer GIS-based web services tailored to user requirements with different permissions to control access.Wintershall Holding GmbH
  • By employing a modern GIS based on technology developed by Esri and con terra, winter road maintenance controllers now have all the decision-relevant data they need, displayed ready for use on a single screen.Autobahndirektion Nordbayern


  • Continual quality assurance of services and usage
  • Optimisation of existing services and usage
  • Requirements planning for future apps
  • Documentation of operational environment
  • Improved user experience

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For further information on monitoring and analysing your GIS services, click here to download the service.monitor factsheet.

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