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Fine-grained access control for ArcGIS web services

con terra security.manager keeps you in control of what GIS users can see and do. Integrating directly within ArcGIS Enterprise ensures a common approach to security and access rights to your location data.

One web service. Many views.

To deliver the personalised experiences online that modern workplaces demand without compromising sensitive data or competitive advantage, many GIS Administrators resort to publishing a dedicated service for each different group of users. This not only consumes valuable time and resources, it is also difficult to maintain. security.manager is an off-the-shelf product that delivers fine-grained access control for ArcGIS web service data. Multiple web services are replaced with one web service displayed in multiple ways.

  • Create role-specific representations from a single web service
  • Reduce the time, complexity and overhead of publishing and maintaining GIS services
  • Control the data/network security risks in publishing GIS services to internal and external users
security.manager allows GIS content to be filtered by layer, feature, attribute field or spatial area according to users' entitlements
Secure access natively within the GIS ier

Extend corporate IT security policies into the GIS tier

security.manager acts like a server extension to ArcGIS, offering a configurable interface to provide security through Server Object Interceptors (SOI) rather than custom development. By seamlessly integrating into the ArcGIS Server Manager application, organisations can apply corporate IT security policies within the ArcGIS for Server’s authorisation capabilities, to securely share and distribute fit for purpose web service data to end users.

  • Align the ArcGIS Platform with your corporate IT security
  • Extend general IT security policies into the GIS tier
  • Leverage user accounts from the general user management system

Focus on publishing great maps

Content can be filtered by layer, feature, attribute field or spatial area, according to each user’s access entitlements. In this way, the process of publishing maps to share with multiple user groups is separated from security concerns, allowing GIS professionals to get on with doing what they do best.

  • Easily define individual access permissions to sensitive geo-information
  • Administration of access rights is carried out within ArcGIS Server Manager, so it becomes a natural part of the publishing workflow
Separate publishing from security and access control concerns
  • Without con terra’s security.manager – ArcGIS Edition, we would still keep geodata in the closet and inaccessible. security.manager opens up new possibilities to offer GIS-based web services tailored to user requirements with different permissions to control access.Wintershall Holding GmbH
  • By employing a modern GIS based on technology developed by Esri and con terra, winter road maintenance controllers now have all the decision-relevant data they need, displayed ready for use on a single screen.Autobahndirektion Nordbayern


  • Simple protection of geoservices
  • User-specific security scenarios
  • Minimally invasive
  • Easy administration
  • Supports the ArcGIS platform
  • Inter-operable with multi-vendor systems
  • Use of existing ArcGIS user administrations
  • Single Sign On support

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