GIS services for GDA2020 transition

GDA2020 Transition Advice & Support

The modernisation of Australia’s datum impacts all organisations that record the geographic location of their assets, boundaries and points of interest. If your staff need to find these locations again, you should know the risks.

Without managing your data risk in relation to the correct datum and map projection, field crews could find assets up to 1.8m away from where the data says they are, and organisations are at heightened risk of non-compliance and costly accidents.

Clartia offers strategic advice to help organisations assess the impact of this datum change, and identify how best to manage the transformation.

Work with us to:

  • Identify affected data and audit the datum currently in use
  • Identify and document system interdependencies:
  • Web mapping interface
  • Dial-Before-You-Dig
  • Mobility
  • Mapping capture
  • Data schema/metadata
  • Inform decision making on the use of GDA2020 vs Australian Terrestrial Reference Frame
  • Develop a datum transformation methodology

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