Leverage geographic information

GIS is what brings high performing asset management systems, teams and processes together. Clarita can help you explore how data can be leveraged across business applications through the lens of location for more meaningful context and actionable insight.

Understanding patterns & relationships

Mapping where things are, how they relate, what it all means, and what actions to take is what turns geographic data into location intelligence. By analysing the patterns and relationships between asset and location data, we help clients answer questions such as which crew is best positioned to respond to an emergency service call?

Understanding patterns & relationships turns geographic data into location intelligence
Visualise asset data by mapping their locations for deeper insight

Mapping and visualisation

Visualising data can help you spot trends and are easy to miss in rows of figures and can help communicate concepts and ideas. From pinpointing where assets are located on a map to plotting GPS coordinates for each mobile work crew colour coded by current status, the ability to visualise location data in a meaningful way is powerful intelligence that supports smarter decision making.

Make Intelligent Predictions

Combine information from many independent sources to derive new insight and forecast the potential impact of change. What are the infrastructure implications of new housing development? What is the optimum location for a new service depot?

Make smarter decisions by leveraging location data from multiple sources in relation to your assets
Clarita Solutions team bring EAM and GIS together

Bringing EAM and GIS together

Not many service providers can combine both asset management and GIS expertise, leading to increased project management overheads and the potential for miscommunication when multiple partners are engaged. With two of the three company directors holding qualifications in geomatics and 10+ years’ experience each in providing solutions for clients with geographically dispersed assets, Clarita offers a unique combination of skills in the Australian market.


Supporting an integrated asset management environment

Managed Services transform the reactive, ‘break-fix’ model of support into a proactive program of monitoring, maintenance and continual improvement. Under Clarita’s Managed Service Support package, we assume the day-to-day responsibility for your EAM platform and all its integrated components, such as mobility, geographic information and middleware. Support for incidents, problems and service requests is delivered within agreed service level targets.

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Clarita Solutions managed service support for integrated asset management environments
Working with Clarita to introduce mobility has allowed us to combine geographic information with asset management processes when and where our crews need it.Bryan O'Connor, Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Clarita’s Location Capabilities

Clarita Solutions have undertaken a wide range of successful asset management engagements, from full site deployments to ongoing platform support. Our services include:

  • Application Services
  • Support & Health Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Professional Services
  • Training Services
  • Risk & Compliance Services

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