Integrating location in asset management - Parks Victoria experience with FME

Integrating Location in Asset Management

Case Study by David Lestani /

Parks Victoria’s experience integrating GIS & Maximo with FME

At a glance

  • Clarita Solutions worked with Parks Victoria to implement an asset management solution combining asset and location data.
  • FME provides the bridge between IBM Maxmo and Esri ArcGIS.
  • Download the presentation slides from 1Spatial's 2022 FME World Tour event exploring this solution in further detail.

I recently had the opportunity to share Clarita's experience in integrating GIS and asset data with our client Parks Victoria at 1Spatial's FME World Tour event in Brisbane. This solution proved the value of FME in getting accurate asset information to the right people, at the right time to improve asset management performance.

Parks Victoria is responsible for managing approximately 100,000 assets across a diverse estate of more than 4 million hectares including 3,000 land and marine parks and reserves.

In order to extract greater business value from assets, reduce risks and improve the operational experience, Clarita was engaged in 2020 to design and implement an enterprise-wide Asset Management Information System using, building on existing IBM and Esri technology investments.

Among the many project objectives, Parks Victoria wanted:

  • Assets created in GIS needed to be reflected in Maximo​
  • Changes to assets in Maximo needed to be reflected back in GIS​
  • These changes are to occur in near-real time

The solution Clarita delivered involved a two-way synchronisation between GIS and Maximo using FME.

FME integration solution

This solution meets the challenge of getting accurate asset information to a highly mobile and distributed workforce.

The presentation slides from the FME World Tour providing further detail on this solution can be downloaded here.  For more information on how Clarita's location practice can help integrate asset and location data, please contact us.

2022 FME World Tour Presentation

View the presentation from Clarita and Parks Victoria on integrating GIS and Maximo with FME.