Exploit new efficiencies by monitoring the health of public assets and infrastructure, optimising uptime, extending life, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Like any asset-intensive business, government agencies serving as custodians of built infrastructure and facilities or the natural environment are challenged to optimise closures, extend asset life and reduce the cost of management. However, citizens demand greater participation in public affairs and higher accountability from their governments. This puts pressure on agencies to deliver results faster and with more visibility.

Although governments are the largest producers of data, they often struggle to leverage it for actionable insights. Information systems are often siloed, particularly when departmental responsibilities shift with the political cycle, making it difficult to manage and optimise data across the organisation.

  • Overcome sector challenges

    Deliver technical solutions that address unique challenges faced by the public sector.

  • Utilise tech advances

    Leverage fast-moving technological innovation to unlock asset performance.

  • Extract value

    Obtain maximum value from your critical assets and within acceptable bounds of cost, quality and risk.

  • Improve productivity

    Achieve timely and precise interventions and reduce material use and inventory overheads.

  • Gain a Holistic view

    Discover a ‘single view’ of your public infrastructure and service operations.

  • Drive growth

    Increase asset availability and efficiency, improve service delivery and drive revenue growth.

Asset Management in Transport Infrastructure

ebookAsset Management in Transport Infrastructure

Important insights for transport infrastructure asset operators about how smart, integrated asset information ecosystems can maximise their organisations’ infrastructure asset performance.

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