GIS Day 2017

GIS Day 2017: We’ve got the Who, if you’ve got the Where

Michael Krome Location Intelligence

Wednesday 15 November is GIS Day, and at -27.5192649, 153.0618336 Clarita is celebrating by welcoming a new member to our Location Intelligence team.

From sextants and circumferentors to satellite imaging and global positioning devices, geographic information technologies have advanced exponentially over recent years and exploded into every day use. In our line of work, GIS has a huge impact on how our clients can:

  • efficiently deploy asset maintenance crews on reactive works;
  • visualise asset infrastructure and trends across a field of operation; or
  • forecast future civil infrastructure requirements based on geospatial analysis.

That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Damian Cramer to the Clarita crew. Damian has spent the last 13 years developing his specialty in GIS technologies, particularly with organisations in the mining and utilities industries.  Extending on an IT support background with experience in ArcGIS, GeoCortex, Trimble GPS and remote sensing equipment, Damian will be taking on solution architect, technical lead and development and infrastructure administration and maintenance roles for Clarita’s location intelligence clients.

Damian’s professional interests incorporate the modernisation of Australia’s geodetic datum and the two stage transition to GDA2020, as well as the capture and application of accurate GIS data for scientific analysis and safety, emergency response and disaster management.

Rapidly evolving technology challenges us to continually update technical skills, and so I’m delighted to welcome Damian’s unique skill set to our team.

GIS Day was created by ESRI in 1999 as an opportunity to demonstrate how far geographic intelligence extends into people’s lives, and a forum for users to showcase their unique GIS accomplishments. If you’re interested in learning more, have a look at the resources available on the event website. There are some great interactive activities and videos for both adults and kids. Or for a challenge that will get you hooked, head on over to Geoguessr and test your knowledge of global geographic information.

If you need help tackling GIS issues, contact me for a detailed profile of Clarita’s Location Intelligence team and find out how we can help.