Palm Springs Esri Partner Conference 2018

GIS Hot Topics at Esri’s 2018 Partner Conference

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This time next week I’ll be getting ready for the long haul flight over the Pacific to attend Clarita’s first Esri Partner Conference as a Silver Partner in Palm Springs, California.

It’s an exciting opportunity, not only for the chance to hear about Esri’s vision for the future of GIS directly from company President Jack Dangermond, enjoy a glimpse into new product innovation coming down the road for the Esri suite, or experience first hand the creative applications of GIS technologies from the world over. It’s particularly exciting because it gives me the chance to take the questions and challenges that are most pressing for Clarita’s Location practice clients to the top product and solution experts from across the Esri organisation.

The three GIS hot topics on top of my hit list are:

Building an understanding of the Utility Network for ArcGIS

Late last year Esri introduced the Utility Network for ArcGIS. Developed in response to industry requests for the means to work faster, build workflows and work with tracing, 3D visualisations and schematics, the Utility Network offers a base data model that lets users create, manage and share electric, water, wastewater, gas and telecommunications asset data.

The release of the Utility Network is undoubtedly a welcome announcement for any organisation committed to providing access to data anytime, anywhere on any device. My priority at the Partner Conference will be to understand the opportunities it presents and implications of its adoption, particularly:

  • the impact on existing GIS database models and the scope of migration/conversion effort required;
  •  consequences for custom functionality within the new code framework; and
  • ramifications for existing systems integration.

Licensing changes for ArcGIS Enterprise

Earlier this year I wrote about the licensing changes across the ArcGIS suite that, among other things, would enable ArcGIS Enterprise customers to add unlimited Viewer Licenses (Level 1 Named Users) at no additional cost. I’m keen to hear from Esri’s Senior Product Manager as well as the broader partner community on the opportunities that exist to leverage this change.

Transitioning from ArcMAP to ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro, available to ArcGIS Desktop users, provides tools to visualize, analyze, compile, and share data, in both 2D and 3D environments. ArcGIS Pro will eventually replace ArcMAP within the desktop suite. Although the product roadmap shows the development still required before parity is reached between the two products, ArcMAP will remain available and supported for the foreseeable future.

I’m interested in exploring the best-practice approach to transitioning between ArcMAP and it’s replacement. Particularly for organisations with a high number of add-ins and customisations to consider.


With a solid two day agenda, followed by the Developer Summit, I’m sure I’ll come back with a wealth of information to share. Is there a pressing issue that’s top-of-mind for you that I can take to Esri direct? Drop me a line below and I’ll be happy to advocate on your behalf.


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