Empowering field crews with mobile EAM to manage assets, anytime, any place, on any device.

Technician productivity is essential to operational resiliency. And when repairs to critical assets are not effectively executed, it drives up labour and maintenance costs. To sustain uptime and reliability, technicians require near-real-time access to asset history and operational data – even in the most remote locations, online or offline – to help them quickly resolve issues.

When mobile work crews are empowered to interact directly with enterprise asset management systems on mobile devices, organisations can benefit enormously from real-time data updates and eliminating paper-based processes. That means less screen time, and more tool time for your teams in the field.

Clarita's mobility solutions focus on connecting clients with the technologies they need to give field crews up-to-date operational data right when and where they need it to get their job done. We help organisations generate and manage work orders, assets, inventory and purchasing related transactions, and apply the barcode scanning, photo capture and upload, and GPS tracking capabilities available in modern mobile devices to enhance work practices.

  • Improve productivity

    Without the need to return to base for data entry, crews spend more time in the field completing work orders and less time double-handling data.

  • Operational Awareness

    Data on job and asset status is available in real-time, enabling timely operational decision making and stakeholder communications.

  • Data Accuracy

    Improve the quality of data available throughout the asset information ecosystem when updates can be performed on the spot.

  • Reduce operating costs

    One Clarita client was able to save production and storage of 300 paper-based inspection forms per quarter .

  • Improve Performance

    Reduced mean time to action and improved first time fix rate with mobile access to manuals, work history and technical drawings.

  • Extended data

    Collect and use more data to modernise work practices by leveraging the functionality of mobile devices - GPS, photos, barcode scanning.

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