Leverage location as the entry point to asset information and operations.

Spatial information is often the one common element across all the data that asset-intensive organisations rely on to keep their businesses running. By using maps and visual representations, organisations can better understand and communicate relationships like the proximity of work crews to a site fault, or customers located within the area of an outage.

Clarita’s GIS experts help organisations establish location as the gateway to asset information, systems and processes. Working with technologies like Esri ArcGIS, Geocortex and FME, our team provides services ranging from solution design and architecture to platform implementation and support to help asset-intensive organisations leverage geographic information to generate meaningful location-based insight.

By adopting an Asset Information Ecosystem view and combining GIS and asset management expertise through a single point of engagement, Clarita can architect solutions to support the intricate relationship between asset and location data and eliminate many common points of failure when GIS is addressed in isolation from asset management functions.

Valve Isolation

When maintenance works require disconnection of water supply, visually identify the valves to be closed and communicate the outage to the public.

Field Mobility

Enable a mobile workforce to collect, access and process information in the field. This video demonstrates use of ArcGIS Collector to retrieve asset information and record asset condition reports during inspections.

Operations Dashboard

ArcGIS as the gateway to asset management operations.


Maximo Spatial

Locate and select assets through maps to assign work orders.


  • Extract value

    Squeeze GIS to do more for the business by leveraging technical expertise to build, develop and maintain high-performing environments.

  • Find efficiencies

    Map asset data to visualise, explore and analyse spatial relationships to discover new ways of working.

  • Right first time

    Secure GIS expertise to simplify GIS infrastructure and data. Maintain data standards to minimise errors, double-handling & rework.

  • Extend

    Embed GIS to modernise & extend business processes. Securely deliver data and workflows among internal and external stakeholders.


SolutionMake the switch to GDA2020

The modernisation of Australia's datum could have a big impact on your data and systems. Clarita can help you assess the risks and plan the transition.

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