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Efficiently and sustainably delivering value in businesses that own and operate physical assets and infrastructure is achieved with a mature approach to Enterprise Asset Management. Despite having tools and systems in place, many organisations struggle to overcome barriers to optimising their operations:


Relying on spreadsheets

leads to poor scheduling and limited availability of data

Ageing technologies

increases non-compliance risks and restrict innovation

Limited integration

means true costs are never known across functions

Manual data collection

consumes valuable time on low value tasks


Build maturity in asset management operations for


Reduced down-time

Increased asset reliability provides the basis for improving service delivery & growing revenue from the same asset base.

Optimised scheduling

More timely and precise maintenance improves productivity and reduces material use and in turn overheads.

Increased utilisation

Increased lifespan and reduced downtime enables higher utilisation for more effective investment in assets and inventory.


Enterprise Asset Management as a service is a collaborative solution that connects asset intensive organisations with industry experts and hosted technology to reach a new level of asset management maturity and optimisation.




Enterprise Asset Management as a Service

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