Queensland Surveying & Spatial Conference 2017 QSSC17

Are you at risk of Australia’s datum modernisation? Find out at QSSC2017

Lois Jewell Location Intelligence, News & Announcements

Clarita’s Location Intelligence practice leader Michael Krome will explore the risks inherent in the modernisation of Australia’s geodetic datum for organisations that rely on accurate location data at this year’s Queensland Surveying and Spatial Conference (QSSC17).

Presented by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, the prestigious QSSC17 will be held from 4-5 May 2017 on the Gold Coast. The QSSC is a unique platform for members of the Spatial Community to network, share ideas and learn about innovations and industry advancements.

The theme this year is “From seabed to space; managing global uncertainty in a spatial world”.  As a regional showcase of spatial knowledge and technology, QSSC17 will focus on navigating disruption and uncertainty with greater confidence through the latest spatial trends, professional knowledge and technology.

Speaking on day 2 of the conference Michael will challenge delegates to consider the risks that location based operations could be exposed to as a result of the implementation of GDA2020, and outline an approach for organisations to assess the risk and move with the change.

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