At the heart of asset information management is data, which must be actively maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Despite signficant investment of time and money implementing asset management technologies, many organisations find benefits are slow to be delivered, are difficult to quantify and asset managers still find they do not have access to the information they need. Data is the fuel that drives the asset information ecosystem. The quality of insight that comes out is therefore tightly bound to the quality of data that goes in.

Maintenance of data as an enterprise asset in its own right can be a cumbersome task without immediate payback, but with poor data quality comes inefficient operations, flawed decision making, and reduced worker safety. Effective data and information management supports asset management activities, policy making and business decisions by keeping data quality aligned with asset information standards during its acquisition, storage, utilisation and, ultimately, its archiving or disposal.

Clarita helps clients maintain processes for the management and governance of the data and information held within the asset information ecosystem:

  • Analyse gaps between existing data and asset information standards
  • Improve the quality, consistency and coverage of the Asset Register
  • Implement data creation, update and archival processes to maintain data against standards
  • Collect and use rich asset content like engineering drawings, photographs or operation and maintenance manuals
  • Increase Accuracy

    Data in asset information systems provides an accurate representation of the real world.

  • Enable innovation

    Remove data structure and quality as barriers to adopting new processes or technologies.

  • Reduce waste

    For example reduced wasted work cased by errors in work planning or avoidance of unnecessary duplication of analysis.

  • Enrich processes

    Access to attachments provides better context knowledge and awareness of the asset or its location.

  • Manage risks

    Reduce risk to business performance objectives due to improved operational decisions for example.

  • Compliance

    Boost ability to meet statutory or regulatory reporting requirements without extensive data manipulation.

IBM EAM Solution Brief

IBM Solution BriefIntelligent EAM

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