Clarita appointed Australian partner for con terra GIS products

Clarita Solutions appointed Australia’s exclusive con terra partner

News by David Lestani /

I’m delighted to announce that Clarita Solutions and con terra GmbH have formed a new partnership that will bring advanced geographic information system (GIS) monitoring and security tools to Australia for the first time.

German-based GIS integrator con terra is an Esri Platinum Partner, bringing ArcGIS expertise and mission-critical solutions to customers and partners for over 25 years. Their core business is the integration and implementation of ArcGIS-based solutions for Enterprise-level customers, helping them achieve Digital Transformation with sustainable solutions and targeted enhancements to address specific business needs and market opportunities.

Under the new agreement, Clarita Solutions will become the exclusive sales partner for con terra’s security.manager and service.monitor products, providing sales, implementation, training and ongoing support in Australia, with plans to expand to New Zealand shortly.

For our clients, operating in asset-intensive industries, the ability to capture and exploit accurate geographic information is a key factor in defining asset management maturity and optimising operations.

At Clarita, we think of asset management as an ecosystem – an environment that brings together critical pieces of information from traditionally disparate systems to provide a more complete and actionable view of an organisation’s assets. GIS can unite all that information according to where assets are located, for a unique perspective on asset operations. We see these con terra products as valuable additions to that ecosystem.

con terra security.manager allows for fine grained access rights
security.manager Arc GIS Edition is fully integrated, allowing for the definition of fine-grained access rights.

Both security.manager and service.monitor bring enhanced functionality to Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise. By recognising individual users, security.manager allows administrators to define precisely which contents of a published GIS service can be seen or used by each user. Rather than having to publish user-specific services to reflect permissions, it enables the creation of user-specific views on a single service, resulting in a dramatic saving of time and effort.

service.monitor provides GIS Administrators with an analytics and monitoring platform for understanding the usage trends and reliability of Geo Apps and Services.

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Clarita Solutions, a well-respected member of the Esri partner community, and a company whose ethos and commitment to customer success matches our own. This new partnership considerably extends the reach of our partner network and makes it easier for customers in Australia to take advantage of our software.Uwe König - Managing Director, con terra

Clarita’s Location team are looking forward to helping Australian organisations mitigate risk and reduce the time, complexity and overhead of publishing and administering GIS services online by extending GIS investments with con terra.

Clarita’s Sales Partner Agreement with con terra came into effect on 15 May 2019.

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