ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 released July 2020

Unpacking what’s new in ArcGIS 10.8.1 for asset-intensive organisations

Michael Krome Location, News & Announcements, Opinion

Esri recently announced the worldwide release of several new product versions including ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 and ArcPro 2.6, which come packed with new features, stability enhancements, and improved functionality. I see a variety of improvements around content and user administration, particularly for organisations actively developing their digital engineering capability, or those, like water utilities, who are considering their asset data …

IBM Interconnect 2017

Reflections on IBM InterConnect 2017

Brad Miller Opinion

Well it has been an exciting week at the IBM InterConnect 2017 conference. With around 20,000 attendees there was never a shortage of people to talk to and share ideas with. The highlight for me has been to witness the enthusiasm of organisations embarking on their IoT journey and their commitment to innovation in general. Getting serious about IoT IoT …

Clarita's Brad Miller with Interpro Solutions at #ibminterconnect 2017

A big event from big blue: IBM InterConnect 2017

Brad Miller News & Announcements, Opinion

They don’t call IBM big blue for nothing you know. The annual IBM Interconnect conference promises big announcements, big crowds, big program, big WOW factor….and so far 2017 hasn’t disappointed. It’s no surprise that IBM’s focus remains firmly in the cloud as they work to differentiate their enterprise targeted offerings from market leader Amazon. In her keynote address, Chief Executive …

IBM InterConnect 2016

IBM InterConnect 2016 Day 5

David Lestani EAM, Opinion

“Don’t worry about me…I’ll turn the lights off on my way out!” Despite a late night enjoying Elton John’s performance, I still found myself so engrossed in the Hands on Lab sessions today that I had to be kicked out at closing time! The Hands on Labs are a great way to experience IBM’s platform and technologies using pre-build Virtual Machines. …

InterPro Solutions showcase EZMaxMobile at IBM InterConnect 2016

IBM InterConnect 2016 Day 4

David Lestani EAM, Opinion

The Internet of Underground Things One thing I’ve learnt over the last few days is that IBM sure know how to put on a great event. And it’s not just an expo jam packed with the best that the IBM ecosystem has to offer (check out our friends showcasing EZMaxMobile above) or the world class venue and entertainment.  I’ve been really …

IBM InterConnect Las Vegas 2016

IBM InterConnect 2016 Day 3

David Lestani EAM, Opinion

Bringing location and asset data together At Clarita, we’ve found that there’s a location aspect to nearly every asset management challenge, so we help build the location based connections between systems in order to help our clients attain location intelligence when it comes to their enterprise asset management. I was therefore in my element at IBM InterConnect today with a …

Harriet Green, IBM General Manager, Watson Internet of Things on stage at IBM InterConnect 2016

IBM InterConnect 2016 Day 2

David Lestani EAM, Opinion

Going “all in” for Cloud Although this is Day 2 for me and the vast network of IBMers and partners here in Las Vegas, today is the official start of InterConnect 2016 for IBM customers.  All the walking involved in making my way around a venue catering for 23,000 delegates has helped me shake the last of the jet-lag as I head into another packed day. …

Wearables part of the 'outthink limits' theme at IBM InterConnect 2015

IBM InterConnect 2016 Day 1

David Lestani EAM, Opinion

Day 1 of IBM InterConnect on Sunday saw IBMers and IBM Business Partners from around the globe get together for the Business Partner Summit. The opening general session held over breakfast at the MGM Grand really established the ‘outthink limits’ theme for the five day event. While the idea of digital disruption isn’t new to any of us, it’s sobering …

IBM InterConnect 2016

Looking forward to IBM InterConnect 2016

David Lestani Opinion

This week I will be packing my bags and heading to IBM InterConnect 2016 – IBM’s premier cloud and mobile event in Las Vegas, USA. For those of us focussed on asset management, the must-see sessions will undoubtedly be those featuring Watson Internet of Things (IoT) and IBM’s advances over the past year in cognitive IoT technologies. The concept here …