Ensuring asset information is easily accessible, accurate and up to date can be challenging for organisations that manage large networks of interconnected assets.

Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network is designed to support power, water and gas utilities through these challenges as a next-generation spatial information system that provides greater functionality over massive datasets at every scale of resolution. It allows organisations to visualise, analyse and edit complex networks at a level of detail never before possible.

Utility Network offers a modern application architecture, much-improved traceability functionality and industry specific data model that enables utilities to transform asset data into critical information through the power of rules and relationships.

Implementing ArcGIS Pro and Utility Network requires careful consideration and planning. The existing data structure must be mapped to the updated Utility Network model, and every web map, app and integration interface throughout the organisation that calls on GIS data will be impacted by the transition.

Clarita’s Utility Network Implementation solution features the option of a Proof of Concept (PoC) to establish and evaluate the platform within our client’s environment, using a subset of actual asset data.  After a Discovery Phase to explore current data and system components, the PoC serves to demonstrate the technology and test migration recommendations. This time invested in research and planning informs the subsequent detailed design and implementation phases of the transition.

  • Map assets in greater detail

    Map the complete network with multiple domains and manage the interactions between them.

  • Improved network tracing

    Accurately analyse the flow or resource through your network, rather than the geometric placement of assets within it.

  • Future-Proof Environment

    Adopt a scalable, extensible solution platform.

  • Extend Performance

    Use GIS in new and different ways to meet corporate and asset management objectives.

  • Built for web

    Everyone, everywhere is working with the same geographic data without the need for custom development

  • Improve Performance

    Make current GIS workflows better, faster and more widely accessible.

Utility Network Discovery Session

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