Pilot EZMaxPlanner in your environment to get started with 'drag & drop' work order scheduling

EZMaxPlanner provides an intuitive user interface to easily manage and
allocate work to your available resources. It can be integrated easily and deliver improved maintenance work order efficiencies with:

  • Rapid deployment.
  • No additional hardware requirements.
  • No reconfiguration or duplication of business rules from Maximo.

Evaluating EZMaxPlanner in a controlled pilot allows you to experience this state-of-the-art planning and scheduling tool in your own environment and target key work processes to validate your choice and inform implementation decisions.

  • Manage Risk

    Learn what to expect without impacting end users or production environments.

  • Gauge user reactions

    Assess the level of training that will be required and identify the use-cases to prioritise in implementation.

  • Inform Decisions

    Set a realistic expectation of the time and resources required for full implementation.

  • Identify performance measures

    Collect baseline data and identify the metrics that will quantify the benefits returned.

Request a demo

We also offer a 30-minute web-conference demonstration and can take you through all the features of EZMaxPlanner.

Demonstration'drag & drop' scheduling

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