Ensuring that the right information is available to the right users at the right time is the foundation of effective asset management.

The need for good asset information management is growing. Asset managers have access to waves of data from increasingly connected equipment – IoT sensors, SCADA, building management systems, in vehicle monitoring systems, third-party data services like weather or traffic conditions. Transforming all this data into actionable insight is the challenge and opportunity for asset management information systems (AMIS).

There are many AMIS tools and technologies available today, ranging from simple asset registers through to comprehensive enterprise solutions incorporating works scheduling, advanced decision support and predictive maintenance. The reality for most organisations is that no single system will address all operational requirements, which is why Clarita's approach is focused on the Asset Information Ecosystem, an integrated environment of interdependent systems that collect critical data and facilitate the free-flowing exchange of information in support of business processes.

Clarita helps asset-intensive organisations select, install, configure and optimise information technologies and applications to build an integrated asset information ecosystem that supports asset management activities and decision-making processes. We bring business, asset and technology specialists together to:

  • Integrate systems for more efficient work processes and information flow
  • Extend and improve processes with field mobility
  • Visualise and map asset data
  • Deliver, configure and support systems
  • Better maintenance decisions

    Understand asset performance during its life to avoid too much or too little maintenance resulting in unnecessary work or costly failures.

  • Streamline Logistics

    Avoid unnecessary delays and negotiate favourable supply terms when parts and consumables align with job plans for just-in-time delivery.

  • Actionable Insight

    Transform waves of data from connected assets into actionable insight.

  • Better Lifecycle Decisions

    Tap into asset performance data to base investment decisions on actual asset condition rather than elapsed time.

  • Single point of truth

    Data resides in the system where it’s best managed and is used freely by other applications when it’s needed

  • Manage assets with Location context

    Visualise asset operations to provide situational awareness of real-time geographic patterns, relationships and alerts.

IBM EAM Solution Brief

IBM Solution BriefIntelligent EAM

Transform your business with intelligent enterprise asset management. This IBM Solution Brief explores the challenges faced by asset-intensive organisations and how they can reap the benefits of visibility, control and automation.

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