Data is an asset in its own right, requiring a strategic approach to its collection, management and use.

In the same way that the asset management strategy defines the plans and policies established to optimise the use of assets to maximise their value to the business, the purpose of an Asset Information Strategy is to establish a single, organisation-wide approach to managing the information that supports asset management functions.

Taking a strategic, holistic view helps avoid the creation of departmental silos and allows for greater benefits to be secured, such as a common toolset, shared quality monitoring and consistent quality and reporting metrics. Without an Asset Information Strategy, asset-intensive organisations may suffer from poor data quality, duplication, data inconsistencies, lack of confidence in reporting, lack of accountability and a general perception that data is a liability rather than an asset.

Clarita works with clients to establish a strategic approach to the definition, collection, management, reporting and overall governance of asset information. We bring business and technical teams together to:

  • Architect integrated asset information ecosystems
  • Align system initiatives and investments with business goals and priorities
  • Alignment

    Define the level of data management and accountability required to meet asset management objectives.

  • Use data to do more

    Plan how to apply data to drive asset performance improvement, such as transitioning from calendar to condition based maintenance.

  • Single Source

    Address how to establish and maintain a 'single source of truth' relating to assets.

  • Document the Must Haves

    Define mandatory requirements for data due to legislation or regulation.

IBM EAM Solution Brief

IBM Solution BriefIntelligent EAM

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