What to Expect from Us

When choosing to work with Clarita, our clients, staff and partners can expect to find a professional and committed team who will fulfill their obligations with integrity.

Our Mission

Clarita helps asset-intensive organisations achieve their strategies to improve asset performance and lift asset management maturity at a sustainable pace. With a focus on bringing location context to asset operations, our approach unites systems, data, people and processes within an integrated asset management ecosystem that generates the insight needed for effective operational and strategic decision making. We deliver according to a robust methodology that aligns continuous improvement with business capability, and an experienced team dedicated to outstanding client value and quality outcomes.

Our Values

  • Quality: we put our customers first, with an outcomes focus
  • Openness: our passion, skills  and experience exist to be shared in the interests of better outcomes for our colleagues & customers
  • Innovation: we’re not afraid to try new things in the quest for continual improvement
  • Communication: we communicate openly and with transparency, we speak up when something is not right
  • Integrity: we act with honesty in everything we do, our reputation is our future

Our Culture

Clarita has a small team of highly skilled professionals. We strive to make Clarita a great place to work by providing:

  • Respectful and supportive environment
  • Recognition for team and individual contributions
  • Flexible work environment balanced with customer needs
  • Opportunities for skills development and challenging work
Clarita have satisfied each and every expectation we had and have proved a valuable asset management partner.IT Manager, Austube Mills

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