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Optimising asset management operations

Clarita Solutions is a dynamic and highly specialised team, committed to transforming enterprise asset management operations. We build maturity in systems and processes by enriching asset information with location context, integrating data across systems, and enabling mobile workers with field force automation.

We’re based in Brisbane, but our clients work around the country building roads, supplying water, delivering goods and creating great places for Australians to live, work and play. Since 2009, Clarita has been helping these organisations build safe, compliant and cost effective asset management operations.

Our people are business analysts, consultants, asset managers, GIS experts, solution architects and vendor certified technology specialists. Collectively, what we do is focused around building maturity in enterprise asset management operations. That means we bring the strategy and procedural know-how garnered through years of real-world experience together with the technical skills to build and maintain the supporting asset management systems.

More importantly than what we’re capable of, it’s who we are that inspires our customers to trust and value our advice while placing some of their most critical business systems in our care. Clarita’s Directors have become known for their unshakable integrity, professionalism and commitment to customer success – values they continue to champion every day as active members of a growing team.

We love the challenge of finding new ways to solve business problems, and no one shies away from tackling new technologies.

As individuals, we each contribute different styles, skills, interests and life experiences to the mix that shapes what Clarita has to offer the various communities in which we operate. As a team, we’re united in a commitment to creating a successful and rewarding work environment in which creativity is encouraged, skills are stretched, achievements are recognised and knowledge is freely shared.

Clarita have satisfied each and every expectation we had and have proved a valuable asset management partner.IT Manager, Austube Mills

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