About Clarita

At Clarita Solutions, we believe there is almost limitless potential in the power of data to deliver asset-intensive organisations greater value from their assets.

Why? Because decisions based on data are more consistent and more measurable than any for which there is a data deficit.

It is this belief that underpins our relationships with all our clients.

We implement, configure and maintain information systems for organisations that need to keep assets in good working order, whether they be water pipes or telephone lines, trucks or trains, airport terminals or container port facilities. By keeping track of data on how they are performing, we can help our clients make better asset lifecycle decisions and automate critical tasks such as inspections, maintenance, repairs and improvements.

We put our clients first, which means giving them the tools they need to harness data efficiently and effectively. With our solutions and capabilities, we make it possible for our clients to glean actionable insights that can further their strategic asset management objectives – all within acceptable boundaries of cost, quality and risk.

Our mission is simple: we partner with you to unlock the true potential of your organisation’s assets.

“PWC has been more than happy with the service that Clarita provides. Clarita extends beyond the typical 'business-as-usual' support, with services such as user training, consultancy and problem solving. We view Clarita as part of our team.”
— Power & Water Corporation, NT